Longarm Quilting Service Deposit


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Longarm Quilting Service Deposit

There is currently no wait time for quilting.

I will quilt your work of art for you with care in an edge to edge meandering stitch on a Millennium longarm machine (not computerized, hand guided only). Binding the quilt edge is not included but can be discussed and added for an additional fee. 

You send me your separate squared, pressed and clipped quilt top and backing. Make sure the backing is at least 6″ wider and longer than your quilt top.

You can send your own batting if you wish, or I have 96″ 80/20 polyester batting, or 96″ cotton batting available. Price will be adjusted if you include your own batting.

Deposit (what you pay when you purchase this listing) – $30
Minimum quilting charge is $45 before return shipping.
Edge to edge meander quilting – $0.018 per square inch of your quilt (includes batting and thread)
For example – your double size quilt is 78″ x 88″, that is 6864 sq in
6864 sq in x $0.018 = $123.55 for the layering setup and quilting
Estimated return shipping via priority mail insured –
$25 for baby quilt or smaller
$35 for full
$40 for queen
$45 for king
If you want me to bind the edge of your quilt, prices are as follows: (include 1 yd of the desired fabric with your quilt top and back, or cut 2.5″ strips)
baby/throw quilt – $25
Twin – $30
Full – $35
Queen/King – $60

You purchase this listing as a deposit for quilting services.
You will receive a download link for a digital file with questions about your quilt.
Send an email to muskogeequilt@gmail.com with the details of your quilt and needs, answering the questions on the download.  We can discuss details based on your answers.
Once details are finalized, I will calculate the price and send you an estimate for the work.  (Price may change slightly once I have examined the quilt top.)
Once you agree to the amount of the estimate, the deposit becomes non-refundable.

You ship your quilt top and backing to me via Priority Mail (or your preferred method), along with the batting if you wish.  Once received, I’ll double check your measurements and preparations and finalize the quote.

I send you a PayPal invoice for the remainder of the fee.
You pay the invoice.

I will quilt your quilt and ship it back to you via Priority Mail.
You trim and finish your quilt as you desire.  Unless you asked me to bind the quilt, in that case I send you a finished quilt.

Make sure to press your quilt top flat, any puckers or bulges will cause problems with the quilting. Clip all thread tails.
Stitch/backstitch across any seams that open to the edge of the quilt in the edge seam allowance.
Place a safety pin in the top edge of your quilt top and another in the top edge of your backing.
If your backing is pieced, use a 1/2″ seam allowance and press the seam open.
Square up the backing – it must be 6″ wider and longer than the quilt top.
Cut selvage edge from backing.
Place the top and backing in separate zip top plastic bags before boxing for shipping to avoid water damage if the box gets wet.

This quilting is a mechanical process. At times the sewing machine may malfunction which can cause damage to the quilt. That is a risk you accept when you agree to the quote. Accidents may happen in shipping as well – use a sturdy box to mail your quilt/back to me. Use good box tape. Priority mail automatically has $100 of insurance coverage, if you want higher coverage for your quilt let me know during the discussion of the details for your project.estimate


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