20″-48″ Stained wood FLAG hanging rod – 3/4″ dowel


Long may it wave.


Indoor/Outdoor Flag Hanging Rod for Horizontal display of a flag with grommets

This wooden dowel is equipped with eye screws and clip locks for attaching your flag. The flag grommet slips into the clip lock and is kept in place with a small hex nut that locks the clip. On the opposite side of the rod, more eye screws are used to place the hanging chain.

I would be happy to custom make these in the length and color of your choice.

Choose the length that is right for your flag – measure the distance between the grommets (I’m assuming there are two grommets on the flag, if there are three or more, let me know the spacing) then add 6″ to the distance between the corner grommets. Choose that number from the drop-down menu, 20 – 48″ long. If you need a shorter rod, please send me a message for a custom listing.
Choose the color of stain you prefer from the drop down menu. I will stain the rod your chosen color, then finish it with three coats of marine varnish. It won’t be water proof, but it will be water resistant.
Knob color and style may vary, but you can choose from my current stock. Note: at this time I only have silver chain and hanging hardware.
The length requested will be the length of the rod itself, not including the knobs on the ends.
The rod in the photo is for illustration purposes only, it is not the rod you will receive.

Additional information

Weight 1.25 lbs


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