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18″-36″ Stained 1/2″ dowel Hanging rod


Perfect for delicate items!


Custom Stained NARROW Wooden Hanging Rod for lightweight Quilt, Tapestry, Embroidery - for rods 18" to 36" long - the rods will be made from 1/2" dowel.

(The rod is not adjustable – you choose the exact size you need!)

Easily hang a light-weight fabric item with these wooden dowel hanging rods. They are made from 1/2″ wood dowel, cord and metal finials/knobs. Just remove one of the knobs to slide the rod through the pocket at the top of your item, or fold a longer item over the rod. If your item does not have a pocket/sleeve on the back, there are several other options for hanging your item, message me and we’ll  find something that works for you. The free hanging cord is included with all rods, unless specified otherwise in the order.

I would be happy to custom make these in the length and color of your choice. See all of my hanging rod listings at the link below.

Choose the length that is right for your wall-hanging, 18-36″ long. I recommend adding 2-4″ to the width of your finished wall-hanging for the length of the rod. 

Choose the color of stain you prefer: natural (varnish only), classic oak, antique walnut, rustic mahogany, honey brown, espresso, antique black, barn red, or aqua. 

Knob color and style may vary, but you can choose from my current stock.

The length requested will be the length of the rod itself, not including the knobs on the ends.

Custom items are not eligible for return or refund. No cancellations once the wood has been cut.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 3 × 2 in


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