Encouraging your creativity is our purpose.

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our quilt display rods and shelves, knows they are getting a unique, quality product worthy of a prize winning quilt.

Robin Brown CEO
Robin’s Joy Creations


Before I created Robin’s Joy Creations, I was a hobby quilter.  I made items for family and friends.

Then I discovered pre-printed fabric panels and how easy it is to make a beautiful wall-hanging with them.  But, hanging those beautiful finished pieces could be a challenge.
I was hoping to sell the wall-hangings at craft fairs, but  I needed an easy way to hang them.  I had made a quilt display shelf several years ago to display an heirloom double wedding ring quilt that belonged to my parents.  So, I decided to make a smaller version of the shelf for wall-hangings.

I decided…

to create an attractive wall shelf that can be used by everyone, simple to hang, simple to change out the quilt/banner and with the shelf, create a lovely display.


I still needed a simpler option, not everyone has room to hang a shelf. So, I came up with the simple hanging rod which can be easily customized to fit any quilt, tapestry, macrame or other work of textile art.

It turns out…

I’m not the only one with finished items laying around in drawers or hanging in closets because I don’t know how to display them.  Many people have purchased my rods and shelves and are now proudly displaying their creativity.